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  • The objective of Aryavart Sr. Sec. School is to provide a save and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated, mutual respect amount adults and children is practiced and where parents and caregivers are seen as valued partners in layering the foundation of life-long learning.
  • Aryavart Sr. Sec. School Sr. Sec. School creates an environment supportive of courageous endeavors and is committed to help all children achieve academic & extra-curricular excellence through intellectual, creative, and physical challenges, enabling them to function as productive and successful citizens in a changing society.
  • Our endeavor is to inculcate the best of Indian culture and tradition among our pupils, develop them with a sense of discipline, a spirit of service and fair play.
  • Show respect for each other and all people working in the college and to appreciate the diverse talents that contribute our college community.
  • Play a major part in creating a charring, supporting college environment.
  • Display self discipline and proper regard for authority.