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Welcome To Aryavart Sr. Sec. School

Aryavart Sr. Sec. School is one of the most prominent education School in Haryana. Aryavart Sr. Sec. School is a division of Aryavart Education Society. Founded in 2001 with a vision of world class quality education all over India.

Aryavart Sr. Sec. School was established with an ennobling vision : Creating leaders of the future, by imparting holistic education of excellence.

A large sports complex with facilities of all major indoor and outdoor games including squash, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table-Tennis, chess, Basket-Ball, Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Cricket, all Athletic Events Calisthenics, Aerobics, Martial-arts, Nature walk, Yoga & Meditation etc is available for the aspiring buds....
Aryavart Sr. Sec. School is fun, comfortable and busy. A full programme of sporting, cultural and social activities runs every weekend. Famileis are welcome to visit, and pupils may go home at the end of the school day on Saturday. Hosemasters share with their team of assistants, resident  tutors the suties and responsibilities of carring children who may well by away from home for the first time....
Your children’s skills and abilities will be their most valuable asset throughout their lives. Skills are behaviors that we can learn and improve through practice. Every day, students are learning and practicing skills as they also increase their knowledge in the subjects....